Phoenix Arizona Signature Makiaj Oxygen Facial

In particular, here in Arizona, we see a lot of sun damage and so the oxygen facial is a good recommendation for those who have overdone it, including cases of immediate sunburn.

Oxygen facials have a cooling, calming effect and are naturally antibacterial.

"It's like working on a clean canvas. When your skin is dry, your makeup lays on top of it and you can't actually see the skin through it. After I do an oxygen facial makeup looks like second skin. It doesn't look like makeup. So when you're painting over the face, it's just like a clean canvas and the makeup looks more beautiful, the skin's more hydrated, it's tighter, it's smoother, it's more plump, it's firm."

"It's ideal for women who are getting married, because they get married, they go on their honeymoon and their skin is glowing for days.

There is no downtime..

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